Scupper Plugs For Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Scupper stoppers are completely round in shape and will not fit oval shaped scupper holes. This will help you stay dry while you are paddling.

Scupper Stoppers Each Large

Ocean Kayak Scupper Plugs

Ocean Kayak Malibu Xl 2019 Ahi

These custom kits are designed to fit ocean kayak scupper holes.

Scupper plugs for ocean kayak malibu two. My scupper holes are in. In addition the seat backs have all broken. 1 medium 4 medium 2 medium 2 medium ocean kayak scupper stopper size and quantity chart above quantities are the individual scupper stoppers needed per boat.

Ocean kayak malibu two offers versatility and stability in a proven hull shape. Installed the others in my ocean kayak. You can even take a third passenger depending on weight which makes it the perfect sit on kayak for paddling as a family.

One of the valves in one of the packages leaded so sending that back. We have obtained the correct sizes direct from the manufacturer and through customerfield verification. They do a good job of keeping water from coming up through the scupper holes but in my first major test last weekend they did not do a very good job of letting the water out while paddling at a steady pace as expected.

Thats 18 on these and 9 more for other various ok boats. Kayak outfitting hardware. Ocean kayak scupper stoppers pack of 2 x small green.

With the listed max capacity of the malibu two at 425 lbs this includes the weight of the kayak. The kayak has two forward seats that can be rotated round behind to see the rear paddler or great to keep an eye on a child trying their hands at fishing or enjoying the paddlers. The ocean kayak is popular for its versatility and performance among the passionate paddlers and kayakers.

They stick out 12 1 inch. Lucky for me the malibu two xl uses the medium blue plugs and my kayak happens to be the same color blue. I was a big fan of ocean kayak and malibu 2 xl until recently.

Should be smaller but this is the. I now have a malibu two that is set up for fishing with my wife or by myself. Plugs are easily removed thanks to a pull cor.

It is the most popular brand that you see rigged for fishing the chesapeake bay area that i fish. Ocean kayak malibu 2. Beware that when you exceed this capacity the kayak may sit lower in the water and begin to feel uneasyless stable.

Each plug is tapered for a tight fit when installed. I used a wooden dowel and mallet to get them nice and snug. I have 9 malibu 2 xls and all but 3 have developed cracks in the rear scupper plugs.

Read malibu two reviews specs where to buy i have had owned several ocean kayaks for many years and use them in the ocean kayak surfing fishing in the ocean lakes and rivers. Ocean kayak only has a 90 day warranty unlike wilderness systems who has a lifetime warranty. Malibu two before 42406 2 large 2 large malibu two xka31632d606 2 small 2 small.

Load capacity paddler weight and gear. Three moulded in seat wells make it easy for solo or tandem paddling. So the malibu two can take on a 368 lbs.

Scupper stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of your ocean kayak.

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